Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fairhope, Alabama Art Festival Photos

The Fairhope art festival was great!  I had a small table display inside the shop at Cadeaux Caches on Fairhope Ave.  I enjoyed meeting the other artists who were there with Cadeaux Caches.  There were two of us set up inside the shop, and four other artists outside on the sidewalk.  Sandy Castor, who is a mosaic artist, was my table mate inside.  Oh should see her work!  No website for her, you will have to visit her work at Cadeaux Caches.  She doesn't use the traditional broken pottery or porcelain in her mosaics, but instead uses imported glass, stones, and various other interesting media. 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Donna and Rob, the owners of Cadeaux and Caches, especially Donna.  She has a real talent for what she does.  She is in the right place!  It was a pleasure working with them and it's a pleasure and an honor to have some of my jewelry for sale there on consignment.  No photos of them.  Donna is camera shy...Please visit their shop.  Donna is a very out going cheerful person and can tell you anything and everything about each piece that is for sale in her shop.  She is a real pleasure to be around and you will love meeting her..  

Inside the shop
There was also a guy there who makes stringed instruments out of gourds.  He played music for us all day for the entire three day festival!
Jason of "Jaybirdbanjo"

Sandy Castor, a mosaic artist.  Her work is available at Cadeaux Caches

Kip Hayes amd his wife from "Hayes Gallery of Southern Art" were with us also.  He paints some awesome old time southern scenes on reclaimed wood from hurricaneKatrina.  

And there was also Debra from "Sugarboogers".  She made earrings and the cutest little onesies and t-shirts for toddlers.  I don't have a website for her.

And here are a couple of photos of my display.  One is from inside and one is outside.  One of the outside venders left early, so we moved my table outside!  The person behind my table is my best bud PJ.  She helped me all three days! My work can be seen online at Life Art Designs

And here is a photo of Brina and Justine who worked for the owners inside the shop.  It was St. Patrick's Day.  That's why the green hair.  They are behind my booth wearing a couple of my pendants.

Now that this show is over, I am busy getting ready for the next one.  It is the St. Francis Episcopal Church’s 10th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival on April 21, 2012 located at 401 Key St. on Dauphin Island, Al.  Not one of the largest...but one of my favorites! 

Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silver Sea Turtles

Out of yesterdays work with all the different silver pieces being worked...three Sea Turtles emerged.  One of them is actually a custom order and will be picked up today.  But, she must choose....  :). 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fine Silver Clay In progress

I'm getting ready for the annual Fairhope, Alabama arts and crafts festival, which is in two weeks!  It's a juried show that has a huge waiting list for venders.  Luckily for me, the owner of Cadeaux Caches, where I have some of my silver jewelry on consignment, offered me a small space inside her shop.  Yay!  So now, I am in a creating frenzy.  I'm also finishing up on a couple of custom orders that I was already working on.  I also have two more shows here locally on the Island in May and April.  So, it looks like I will be busy for a while!  But, I'm having a blast creating new pieces.  Here's some silver clay pieces I'm working on:

Below are little tiny flower petals.  Usually, when I make something out of fresh clay, I will take the left over pieces of clay and make components for future use.  They come in handy at times like this.  And, it just seems nore economical that opening a new pack of silver just for some tiny pieces.  

Here is a close-up of a large Mermaid pendant and some Sea Turtles I'm working on.  Neither are finished nor ready to fire.  Much more detail work in store for the Mermaid.  And, lots more work to them after they dry.  The Sea Turtles are just laying on top of the base.  I still have to fine sand them before firing.  That's why they look so scraggly.

That's it for now.  I do have a pile of silver that is fresh out of the kiln.  But, no time to photo that right now!

Have a great day!