Monday, December 3, 2012

Female Pirate Necklace

I got so involved with the pirate theme creating the men's pirate pendant I posted about yesterday that I was inspired to create a female pirate pendant.  I've had a blast playing with swords, stones, and gold!  This pendant has a heart lined in gold that matches the pirate's eye.  The heart stone sits atop two swords that are flanked by three graduating sized round balls.  The entire piece is backed by a heart shaped base.  I also made a handmade bail that was torch fired in place on the pendant.  Love the look and the security of these bails.  A little time consuming to make, but worth the effort.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Gold and Silver Pirate Pendant

Here's a photo of my latest custom order I that I just finished.  I usually get unique requests from men for some reason.  This one wanted a pirate necklace.  The pendant is complete, although I still have to hang it.  And this was my first time working with gold!  Quite an experience.  I hope to do more.

Have a great day!