Friday, August 24, 2012

Prefiring the Dolphins with a Torch

     I'm still working on the silver dolphin pendants.  They are about ready to go into the kiln.  However, first I am prefiring them with a torch.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, one of them (the lone dolphin with the dichroic glass) has a captured hanging bail for the chain.  I used a torch on that part by itself to prevent the two independent pieces from fusing to each other in the kiln.  Secondly, I wrapped the glass dichroic cabachon a little to tight, so I was anticipating some cracks.  I'm doing a little shrinking prior to full sintering, if you will.  And it did get a couple of tiny fractures.  Easy to fix.  Once that's done, it will go into the kiln.

More updates to follow after the final firing and patina...
Until then, have a great day!

Positive example

     Don’t merely wait or wish or hope for the world to become more positive. The world becomes more positive when you become more positive.
     The experience of life in this world is not something that is imposed upon you. Life is precisely and reliably what you choose to make it.
     What you cannot control, you can accept, interpret and make use of in a positive and purposeful way.       
     Shine a genuine positive light where you are, and that light will quickly spread beyond you.
     Don’t complain about how bad things are. Imagine how good life can be, and then persistently act on   what you imagine.
     Life is the way you live it. Live it well, with joy, with purpose, with care and commitment and love.
     Live according to your highest vision and your most treasured dreams. Be the best positive example for all of life to follow.
— Ralph Marston
So, have a great day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing with Dolphins

I'm still working on the dolphin pendants.  One singlular dolphin is finished and ready to go into the kiln.   That's the large dolphin on the right side with the bail coming out of it's back.  He has to wait for the others to be finished though.  They have more sanding and refining to do and then other stones to set.  I wasn't happy with the two small dolphins that I showed in the previous blog post, so I made the two new ones you see here on the left side of the top pendant.  They'll get mounted on the pendant at the top with the aquamarine stone.

Have a great day!