Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Matter

You matter

The fear you have about being insignificant is a deception. As long as you have the courage to act, you will matter.
Your actions may very well fall short of the goal. You may pick yourself up and make another attempt, giving the entirety of your focus and energy to it, and fall short again.
Even so, you matter very much. You are unique and beautiful in your very own way and always able to take the next step, to make some kind of a difference, and to have an influence.
If you’re even the slightest bit ambitious, it will take many attempts and will demand much of you. Don’t punish or disrespect yourself for that.
Just keep going. You have something important and meaningful to do, so keep going until you get it done.
Then set your sights on an even more ambitious goal and quickly begin moving confidently toward it. You do indeed matter, you can always make a difference, and doing so is what will bring the fulfillment you seek.
— Ralph Marston

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Jackie said...

Nice post! Thanks for the uplifting thoughts - they are true and sometimes we forget to work toward our goals. Good reminder. :)

Janie said...

Thanks Jackie. Nice to see you! Ralph Marston is very motivating.

Marie S said...

This is a very inspiring post. Also the perfect thing to read today. Thanks so much for the link!

Janie said...

You're very welcome Marie. Thanks for stopping by!

Janie said...

Jackie, nice to see you! It seems that after Blogger was down today, some of the comments here disappeared! I don't know if you saw my reply to you before or not...

And Marie, your comment and my comment back to you also disappeared! If you didn't see it, and you see this, thanks for stopping by!