Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Fine Silver Metal Clay Pendants

Here are some new silver metal clay pendants I just finished.  A couple are for custom orders and some are for mew inventory to take to two different art shows coming up in October.

And, here is an unfired horse's head that I am still working on.  This is still in the raw pre-fired stage. He goes into the kiln today. Then he'll get tumbled in steel shot, patina'd, and finely polished. I sculpted the horse's head out of polymer clay first.  I cured the polymer piece, then made a mold of it and recreated it in fine silver.

Have a great day!


Dawn DiGesare said...

Gorgeous Janie!

Janie said...

Thanks Dawn!

WillowTree said...

These are really gorgeous Janie, great detail.

Janie said...

Thanks Lisa!