Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come to Dauphin Island, Alabama April 16th!

We're having an Arts & Crafts show on the Island this weekend.  You should see my work area!  It's a mess.  Stuff every where!  Here's a small peek into one area of my clay table:

Believe it or not, out that small mess there is a polymer clay jewelry box emerging.  Here's a closer look:

It's curing in pieces as I write.  Once all the pieces are cured, I will assemble them into a whole box and cure it again one last time.  Then, the whole box will get sanded and buffed.

I also plan to have fine silver jewelry as well as polymer clay jewelry, and a few resin pendants. There will be lots of other vendors there with many different types of work.  So, if you are close enough to make the trip, come see!

Have a great day!

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