Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Round Cucumber

I have a round circular cucumber.  Really.  We grew a garden this year.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, chives, onions, potatoes, and herbs.  And on my cucumber vine, I found a round cucumber growing.  I have no idea why it grew that way, but it did.  I finally got to pick it today.  Here's a photo:
And here it is still on the vine:

Might as well show you our little garden while I'm at it:

And here is one of my favorite things to do with a broken clay pot:

That's all for gardening today.  I promise, I'll try and get ack to jewelry next time... Have a great day!


Jackie said...

You are SO LUCKY that you live somewhere where things grow! It's hard for me living in the mountains because we can't grow hardly anything. Certainly no veggies or fruits, lol. I love your little garden.

creationsbycolette said...

This is my first year having a garden and I am loving it so far (although only my tomatoes and strawberries are growing anything). Love the cucumber!

Janie said...

I know Jackie...been in your shoes. So, I do appreciate it stll!

Janie said...

It's my first year also Colette. But, it is getting really hot here, so I'm wondering how it's going to go in a ew weeks. watering,watering, and watering already.

Marie S said...

I love the round cuke. Probably got trapped like that.
What a beautiful garden.
We use broken pots like that for frog homes too.

Janie said...

I do have a frog living in mine!

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

I love that round cucumber and it's so big too! It must be nice to have a vege garden. Our soil is horrible here all clay, would take a lot to grow such a beautiful garden like yours.

Janie said...

Hi Sandy,

You'd be surprised. I compost all our leaves, grass clippngs, ect. It totaly changes the soil. Better than any fertilizer. All the cucumbers have ben huge. But it's geting so hot here now that things ae starting to die back.