Thursday, June 23, 2011

Storage Solutions in the Studio

I recently began reorganizing my studio.  I work in different mediums such as silver clay, polymer clay, and sometimes resin.  This can lead to a lot of disorganization due to all the different materials involved.  I separated my space into three separate work areas.  One area for polymer clay, one for metal clay, and a third area for tumbling, buffing and polishing, and assembling jewelry.

I came up with a way to store all my sead beads above one table.  It's a sort of shadow box that I already had on hand.  It's decorative and functional.  Here's a photo:

It hangs above the table where I polish, buff, and put together my jewelry.  It's handy to see them all at a glance when I'm working.  And very easy to just reach up and get the color that's needed.

And sitting in the middle at the back of the table is an acrylic container that I got from a kitchen supply store.  I think it's normally used for condiments.  I labled the containers inside to hold things I make that are in different stages of production.  For instance, beads that need sanding, or pieces that need polishing, ect.  It's pretty handy because the individual bins on the inside are removable.  Here's a photo of that:

And one of my most favorite storge items are these wooden boxes with bins that I got on sale.  They were being discontinued, so I got them at a great price.  Each bin can be labled, and there are a ton of bins!  I have a few of them on each table.

And here's yet another storage solution for beads.  The spice rack.  I have one that has 30 bottles that I use to hold my smaller handmade polymer clay beads.  

And of course there is the usual ordinary standard cabinet that can hold lots and lots of supplies and tools.  Mine came from Lowes.

And last but not least is the jewelry armoire.  It opens up on both sides and has a drawer at the bottom.  It holds most of my completed polymer clay jewelry.  Excuse the mess around it, I'm still working on the rest of the studio.  I keep my fine silver jewelry stored away in plastic airtight containers to keep them out of the air and from tarnishing. 

So, what kinds of ideas have you come up with concerning storage in your studio?  I would love to see photos of how other artist organize their spaces.

Have a great day!


Jackie said...

It's really wonderful, Janie!! Great ideas, I especially like the spice rack idea that you came up with. I have a blog post from when I refurbished my Claypen, it's here:

Of course, it doesn't look this neat anymore, it's a mess again. As soon as my little grandson goes home, it's getting cleaned up again. Right now he's in heaven in there, with little clay bits everywhere, so I'll leave it alone until he's not here. He's 7 and loves to play with clay. :)

Laurie said...

What a great way to organize! I'm in the process of moving out of state- this gives me some new ideas for my new work space :) Thank you!

Your newest follower,

Janie said...

Hi Laurie, great to have you here! Going to go look at your blog...

Dawn DiGesare of DaVoria Jewelry said...

Great blog post Janie. I love your studio. Great organizing solutions. Thanks for sharing

coltpixy said...

Fabulous organizational solutions!! ♥

Janie said...

Thanks Dawn.

Janie said...

Thanks Star! And thanks for the feature on the Smoosher's blog!

Jennifer Kistler said...

Great studio, thanks for sharing! The separate work stations really help, don't they? And those drawers you said you got that were being discontinued, they're awesome!

Janie said...

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. Yes, I love my wooden bins/drawers!