Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Men's Silver Blue Crab Pendant

I made a new manly pendant out of silver clay.  It's a layered Blue Crab pendant.  I took a few photos during the process.  The pendant consisted of three separate pieces that were fused together.

First, I made the flat textured piece that you see in the back of the pendant.

Next, I made the open grid that is in the middle of the pendant.  It is supposed to represent a crab trap.  It was made with the syringe and a very fine tip.  I had some trouble with this and had to do it twice. The first time, I forgot to lubricate the surface I was creating it on.  So when I tried to remove it after it was dry, it stuck to the glass and broke into pieces.  I guess I was in to much of a hurry to get the design out of my head and into the clay.

I'm saving the pieces you see above for a future project.  I put a piece of plastic down on my board and made another grid pattern.  Here's the new one that I used:

And the top piece, the crab is a thick square disk with a crab imprint:

And here are all three pieces before firing:

And once again, the final pendant and a photo of the backside.  I gave it a rainbow patina that I just love.  Especially because I got some blue into the body of the crab.  It's supposed to be a Blue Crab after all!  It's hard to tell from my not-so-great photo, but I gave the back and the top crab part a mirror finish.

So, what do you think?

Have a great day!


laura said...

love it!, I especially like the grid, nice use of syringe work

YorkAvenueStudio said...

I really admire your thought out design, using the layers and the angles. The patina is gorgeous! I love this pendant!

Janie said...

Thanks you two!

Janet Bocciardi said...

It's amazing! Love the "cage"! From the photo it looks like a transfer rather than an indentation of the silver. Beautiful colors!

Janie said...

Thank you Janet! Appreciate you stopping by!