Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Polymer Clay Beads Today

I'm making polymer clay beads today.  I decided to give the silver a rest and go back to the polymer clay.  Time for some color!  I have loads of polymer clay canes.  Some that I made myself, some from various swaps I've done online, and a few that I've purchased.  The first photo is of the box I have all my flower canes stored in.  The next phot shows the first set of purple beads.

And some yellow and orange beads:

I'm intentionally making each bead different.  I have a plan, but I'll show that later in another post once I've put them together.  Below are the finished beads ready to go in the oven for curing.  Due to the different brands of clay used and the different types of translucents involved, I expect several of them to shift colors during the curing process.  In fact, instead of letting that be a concern, I think I'll push it and over cure them a little longer and hotter just to see what happens.

And here are all the beads fresh out of the oven.  I gave them an ice water bath, so you might see a few droplets of water here and there.

Have a great day!


ArtFairly Aware said...

Wow, that's quite a collection of canes!

Janie said...

And that's only part of one box. I decided I need to start using my canes up. Then I can make some more!

Lisa and Willow said...


Janie said...

Thanks Lisa! Got them all sanded and am working on polishing and stringing now. Hopefully, I'll have something cool to show in the next couple of days.