Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creating Simple Polymer Clay Canes

When new clayers begin to create things with polymer clay, sooner or later they want to know how to create a polymer clay cane.  Why? Because it's a fun challenge and you can do so much with them.  You can make beads for jewelry, pendants, earrings, covered boxes and tins (great for recycling), and even faux fabric or fruit for sculptures and miniatures.  The only limit to their use is the scope of your imagination.  Canes can run the gamut from simple to complex.  The canes shown here are actually very simple and basic canes to make.  Each one can be mastered by a beginner with just some basic instruction.  However, what you create with them can also run the gamut from simple to complex. You are only limited by the scope of your imagination.  Here are some canes that I have made and some things that I have made with them:       

You can see more of my polymer clay canes and some beads I've made at my Art Fire shop here:
And you cam see more of what I've made with my canes by visiting my Life Art Designs shops at Etsy or Art Fire.  The links are on the right side of the blog.
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