Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ruth's Flowers

Normally, it's all about the clay, whether it be silver clay or polymer clay.  Today is different.  It's all about resin! That's because I am about to complete a very special project I've been working on.  Just before Thanksgiving, I lost one of my very best friends to cancer, my "wing buddy".  I've been making some resin pendants from some of the flowers we had at her service.  It's a long process and they are all still drying.  That's why they are hanging from wires in the photos.  Hopefully, they will all turn out okay and I will have enough pendants to give one to her sister, niece, great niece, her other wing buddy, and myself.  And there's an odd one in the group.  I had a little resin left over during the process, so I made a "beachy pendant" with a piece of a shell, a dragonfly, and a piece of moss that fell off of one of my oak trees. I think Ruth would like that.  I think she would like the other ones also...

Have a great day!

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