Saturday, January 29, 2011

Your Inner Artist

Your inner artist

Creativity is not something you must force. You always create when you truly wish to create. There is the opportunity for artistry in every facet of life. Give your love to whatever you are doing, and your own special art will come to life.
If you're just going through the motions, you're stealing life from yourself. Nothing has to be tedious, for everything is an opportunity to create new richness.
Complaining about your lot in life is an insult to your own amazing and powerful abilities. Instead of complaining, put just a few of those abilities to purposeful use.
All that you know, all you experience, all that you feel and love, will fuel your beautiful and unique creativity. Feel how good it feels to fully express your own perspective.
Allow yourself to passionately desire what you sincerely desire. Then follow the promptings of your inner artist and create the special masterpiece you envision.
-- Ralph Marston

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Desert Rubble said...

Wonderful sentiments =)

Janie said...

Hi Lynn! I agree.