Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Metal Clay Heads of Etsy Team

I belong to a team over at Etsy called the Metal Clay Heads.  It's very informal and lots of fun, as well as supportive when you need it during some serious clay challenges.  The group consists of all types of clayers from all around the world.  Some are beginners and some are masters at their craft.  Our only requirement is that you love the clay.  We are all very open with help and advice whenever someone needs it and asks for it.  And speaking of challenges, we also have a metal clay challenge going on right now.  Please come and help us vote.  Here is the link to our team blog:
And if you are interested in joining us, here is the link to our team page at Etsy:
We also have an on going discussion at Etsy where we discuss anything and everything about metal clay:

And lastly, here is a photo of a team treasury that I made a while back that show cases my teammates work.  There are only so many photo slots that you are allowed to fill, so I couldn't include everyone.  But, you can visit any of the links above that i posted to go find their shops and check out their work.

Have a great day!


Somethingxtraspecial said...

Janie - this is mega - well done.

Janie said...

Thanks! Now, if we can get everybody to keep taking some more great photos, we can get some more great treasuries. I'm still working on mine...

Lisa and Willow said...

We do have a great group, don't we? Some of the most awesome metal clayers!

Janie said...

Yes we do!